Aug 28, 2007

So, Seriously!

I wrote this last week, thought it got deleted, but through the miracle of auto-save here it is! love school! I am like a kid in a candy store with my new microbiology class. I suck at the lab part, but you try holding a test tube still when you have fibromyalgia! Also it is definitely a challenge to have a 2 and a half hour class. My legs were killing me today! It is a humorous situation to have a teacher that could totally be one of my mom buddies. In class she is a great professor and holds every ones attention with authority. Maybe though when the class is over we can get our kids together or go have a beer! I am really really really enjoying this topic so far. Three that enough time to judge a class? I have to come up with a really good infectious disease to do a presentation on. I think Dad may have a few suggestions but I am going to do some research this weekend too.

My Child Development Class is an online course and will definitely be a lot of reading and self studying but at least I am at home! Although the textbook already made some really stupid statements (that I just had to say something about). There was a whole section about genetic adaptation and how we humans have been such a successful species. Also how we, through selective adaptation, have become unique among mammals in our survival in every part of the world. So all of you biologist can attest to the horridness of these statements. Let's just say I scribbled all of the book on that one. Who cares about resale value, I don't want anyone ever again reading my book and not questioning that section. Fortunately, even after my not so eloquently spoken entry to our class discussion, most people have been in agreement. It seems as though most people taking this course are at home moms. Can I just say that a good majority of them said that they were at home only because they didn't want their kids in daycare. Sure I agree... but you can always find someone you trust if you work hard enough. I swear I thought that being at home with your kids was a job of more value than the attitude of, 'it's better that day-care". Seriously, it is okay to say it is best for my child, best for me, best for my family, and the right thing for us to do. I hate how people shy from saying how they really feel about mothering issues because of the reaction it might cause. Breastfeeding is best for a child, or what is normal. A mother being at home with her child is best for the child (at least most mothers) or what is normal. The other alternatives are less than, inferior, inadequate to give to a child. There I said it, so sue me. I would love to see research and statistics that suggest otherwise.

Could life get any busier, could I get any less sleep, could I get any less cleaning done around the house, could I enjoy it all any more! Seriously!

My new umberella!