Aug 30, 2009

Judgment is quick, understanding is hard work

We don't like hearing about another's plight, we only want to hear how they overcame it. There is an extraordinary value in just listening to the suffering, that is underrated in our self serving society. We hear misery, sadness, frustration, difficulty and we expect the solution to follow. Ask the next homeless person you meet how they are, and I dare you to not tell your self how it could never be you (he/she made bad choices, should do this, shouldn't do this, is mentally challenged, etc....). Then ask your friend how they are....

Teilee's Blog

I thought it might be easiest to share this here. Teilee has started her own blog which she designed and named Creative Little. She wanted to have a voice in all that we do, and to share what is most important to her. It has been an exciting journey for me to hear what she has to say and I love that now you can too! She is working on her next post and likes to check in regularly to see who has commented and what they have said. It is another thing for me to keep up with but is a pure joy for me to watch her experience the best of our technology. It also provides me a way to show Teilee the rules of internet and how to use it wisely! Enjoy Teilee's voice.

Aug 3, 2009

Still Wheeling it

My poor son has what is most likely a sprained wrist. We are keeping a close eye to make sure that he is improving and that there aren't any other more serious issues. After a trip to the doctor we are pretty sure that he does not have a fracture. We may take him in again tomorrow for another round of x-rays just to make sure. It is just one of those things that happens, I had his hand while he was standing then he went floppy. His entire weight was on the wrist of the hand that I still had a hold of and bam he was injured. It is physically painful for a mother to watch her child in their pain but to cause the injury is an unexplained kind of hurt. Of course he is not a fan of the brace we force him to wear when he is likely to re injure himself. (Even telling him that his cousin wishes he had a 'robot arm' too hasn't helped.) None of this has slowed him down and he has relished in the extra attention (Teilee is getting jealous). I must balance my emotions with his need for normalcy but, 'my poor baby has a hurt arm'!!
As of Wednesday of this week he is fully recovered. We knew immediately after the first somersault of the day that he was okay.;)

This last week (July 27th-Aug. 1st) we were fortunate to have Papa come stay with us from Monday night on. He had meetings most of the days but was able to join us at breakfast and in the evening. Wednesday was Landis' birthday. We biked down to a free performance of some Grimms fairy tales and had quite the adventurous return trip in pouring rain. (Maybe pounding slamming rain is more accurate.) We topped of the evening with the blowing out of candles in Landis' birthday rice crispy treats Then Grandma Lee joined us on Thursday evening.
Friday my parents brought the kiddos to my Singing Sisters practice and were able to experience our almost performance ready set. I then had a meeting for Raintree Community School that afternoon to put the final touches on the planning for our silent auction. Then in the evening Teilee and Daddy left to take Teilee to Walking With the Dinosaurs (it was originally supposed to be a mommy daughter experience but it was Daddy's turn for a date and Mommy was really busy)! I came down with a migraine (the worst ever) and went to bed. Granma Lee and Pap took Landis grocery shopping in our other vehicle (with the newly working fuel pump).

Nick and Teilee ventured to Denver in the Suburban. The suburban has a busted key cylinder and we had made do for the last week just not turning the key off entirely and locking the doors with an extra set. On the occasion that you forget and turn the key entirely off you will spend anywhere from 15 min-1 hour trying to get it back on. Well, Nick stopped to get gas and whoops, he was stranded for about 30 mins. Right as he had got the burb started, Papa and Grandma Lee called. They were at the store (with Landis) when the key to unlock the doors had broken off in the trunk lock. Now they were stranded. Thank goodness for great neighbors. I called my friend/neighbor Rebecca and she drove down to the store to bring our extra set of keys. Then I went back to bed.

Saturday we were supposed to celebrate Landis' birthday with cake, gifts, etc... After losing my Friday evening to that migraine I was scrambling to get everything together for the auction (including myself). We had a mini celebration complete with a gifted moon pie cake (thanks Rebecca) for Landis and ice cream for the rest of us. Landis opened up his gifts from Grandma Lee and Papa, Rebecca, and Teilee. We have yet to have his entire birthday celebration but maybe soon.

I left late afternoon, right after Grandma Lee and Papa departed for the airport, to help with set up of the auction. The event started at 6:00 and we were just finishing when people started ariving. Then my choir began to assemble outside for the remaining moments before our set. We performed for 30 mins and I have to say that I think we did a great job! What an event, we even had someone bid on a timeshare vacation in Hawaii for $5000. We had a great night with some great performances and raised some money for our school.

Really all this busy craziness is typical of my life (hence the title of my blog) but I have to say it was great to have mom and dad experience some of it. We often set aside a lot of what we are doing to fully enjoy our visitors. We were not able to do that this time and it made for a bit of a frantic vacation for them, but was great for us to have help with the kids while trying to juggle our lives. I wish I could say I am recovering but this week has been just as busy as the last. This summer seems to be filled with an abundance of time consuming events and projects. I am actually looking forward to winter, or at least looking forward to what I perceive will be more time!

My new umberella!