Feb 12, 2008


We are back and bumpin'! We had a great trip. I think I could have stayed away for at least another month. Although it was getting difficult to do school while on vacation. Who wants to sit in front of a computer screen and do homework when you could be playing out on the prairie? We have basically recovered from our illness after the trip. Yes I think we pick up something from the party:) Although with my sinus canals it was bound to happen and I am still in shock that we managed to be around everybody for a week and had no illness until we all parted ways.

Okay I wrote this a while ago and never finished. I have been ill for the past two weeks. These sinus canals of mine have even my doctor saying, "What gives?". Actually my doctor said, after getting the results back from a sinus CT, "those sinuses are nasty!" So while they are recommending surgery, I am trying to downsize my cat collection while simultaneously assaulting my nasal canals with every natural remedy known to man. I am shoving water and salt up there, while taking an expectorant to force stuff out, holding my head over steaming buckets of tea tree oil, taking several rounds of antibiotics, and more. Every day I see a slight improvement in my acute sinus infection, but I am told that my chronic infection will remain until I can get a nose job. There probably isn't a remedy in the world that can fix my deviated septum and underdeveloped sinus canal but I keep trying. The last few weeks have been a struggle to survive. I unfortunately don't have any sick leave and this means that Nick has had to stay home a lot. Fortunately for us an angel named Grandma descended from Kansas to help care for me and the kids, while Nick finished up the last days at his job. Oh yes did I mention that through all of this Nick got laid off from one of his jobs. He still is working early mornings at UPS and this week he started work a new day job at Teilee's preschool. It will mean a little less pay and we will have to find ways to supplement our income, but what else is new! Nick is fitting right in with this job, unfortunately it is only temporary through March and then he will have to find a different day time job. Who knows...maybe he will get his driver's position at UPS by then (keep your fingers crossed). In the meantime, I have to get well. I have not functioned normally for several weeks. I didn't even get out of bed for an entire week. With the kids to care for and a household to run, let alone school to attend, this has been an unacceptable amount of time to be out. I have an appointment with the Ear nose and throat specialist in a week and a half. This was of course the earliest appointment they had, (it's not their sinuses that are crippling their lives). I have found that the general attitude toward my chronic illness has been one of........well insensitivity. I completely understand that it is hard to comprehend living with constant pain, fatigue, and headaches. I just wish that there was more effort to understand by the doctors, is it not their education that focuses on healing illnesses? I suppose it is difficult to address their own failure or rather inability to cure a simple sinus infection. I guess it is not so simple after all! I suppose it is just frustrating that I have known for 2 months that this was a serious issue that would need more than the typical round of antibiotics to cure. While my doctor had to wait for the validating CT scan to take any action. I guarantee that if this were his illness he would have seen results and been healed at least a month ago. Really I like my doctor, I think he is attentive, understanding, open minded, and generally very caring. I guess no one will ever be able to live up to my standards (Dr. Dan set the bar too high)! Dr. Dan is still in Greeley, not for much longer, and he can't get me in for an appointment until April. Maybe he will have a miracle cure. Here's to hoping...and to having health.......and to being able to go for a walk. Soon.......

My new umberella!