Sep 17, 2008

Oh yeah!

My favorite coffee shop Catalyst is having a birth art show and guess who has a painting in it! During a meeting with a birth activist group that I hold a membership in, we had an art session. For about an hour we talked and arted. What I produced during that session is now hanging at the art show! Yeah.....I can't wait to get creative again!

Sep 15, 2008

Sneak Peek

We arrived home tonight from our trip and man was it incredible. We reunited with old friends, made a few new friends, visited the Great Salt Lake, marathoned through IKEA, attended, Kara and Isaac's wedding, explored Goblin Valley, encountered The Killers, and had some really amazing adventures! Here is a sample of some fun photography that we were able to capture. I am sure there are many more to follow! This is a completely untouched photo of the squirt on a mushroom top.

Sep 3, 2008

Woohw Dizzy!

Man, my sinus' are filled with gunk and I am so dizzy! The last time I was like this I had a massive ear infection, although I have no pain in my ear. Yes, I have been a bit naughty with the gluten lately. It takes soooo little to affect me and soooo long to recover from.
I am so excited, we get to go on a trip next week. It will be our first vacation. It still revolves around traveling to see people but I have resigned myself that this will most likely always be. We are headed to witness the union of Kara and Isaac, soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, in Salt Lake City. We are hoping to visit Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake, the Bonneville Flats, and Goblin State Park. Oh yeah and IKEA. I can't wait for all the fun visiting we will get to do with Kara and her family, I can't wait to meet Isaac and I am hoping that we will successfully work in all of the fun stuff too! I just don't want to be at their house day in and day out waiting for them to provide the entertainment. Although a few rounds of Settlers is almost a requirement of my visit! The only detail yet arranged is our food. Since we are trying to be diary, gluten, and sugar free I am not yet sure how we will achieve this without the comfort of our home. Any cooking will probably be a mass effort to feed a hoard of guests. We will most likely have to come prepared with food and recipies. It is a small detail in the excitment of getting to see old friends, new friends, new sites, and to have some fun adventures! Salt Lake City here we come!!!!

My new umberella!