Jan 12, 2008

Change and neatness

I am a person who enjoys change. The layout of furniture in every room of our house is rearranged at least every three weeks. One room in our house has been repurposed at least 5 times in the last 2 years. Each time requiring complete moves of furniture out of the room and into another. This little condition of mine is only exacerbated by the size of our domain. In small spaces every square inch has to be utilized. Sometimes when a category of items, or a person, becomes to large for the existing arrangement the space must be shifted to accommodate the growth. I have worked hard at purging and not allowing my things to grow in number as attachment to possessions can be very damaging to the soul.:) As of recently Landis was sleeping in his crib in our office/craftroom/storage room. I finally gave in and decided he needed to own the space. (At least for the next 3 months!) This has meant consolidating all craft and office items into the living room. We happen to have a lack of storage in this house (as Delta can attest to) and the storage items are creating the biggest issue. However, for those of you that know me you understand that I am taking much delight in the organizational problem solving. Another issue that arises from my blessed curse is the design of each room. I am learning to successfully paint each area to allow for change of occupancy. Although this weekend I am hoping to achieve a new hue in my room. (White is becoming increasingly difficult to tolerate.) This new color will mean a permanent residence of adults (or maybe an office) but will not be a scheme that a child could enjoy. The commitment of this is a new chapter in my life and in my home.

There are lots of transitions occurring right now. This probably stems from the availability of a little more time: post holiday, pre semester, Landis a bit more self entertaining and self sufficient, and Teilee back in preschool a few hours a week. Things that have been postponed for about 2 years (like organizing the file cabinet) are being completed hourly. Of course I know that it will be short lived as once I am back in school I will be swamped again, but just catching up a little on our house and home is awesome! Also it means that I won't have to apologize to the masses that will be visiting here in a few weeks, about the condition of the our home. Smallness I can't help, but neatness I can!!!


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

here's o us having the smallest houses on he street...delta

kinetic said...

Ooooh we're cousins...identical cousins (or however that weird-o theme song went). I spent Sunday trying to resist the urge to purge and organize in order to accomplish the larger task of cleaning the place up!

kinetic said...

...so I applaud you. Is Nick similarly organizationally inclined? I don't know whether I covet or despise the additional challenge of purging Nate's extensive "isn't this cool?" collections. :)

KBH said...

I'm excited to see all of the new 'accomplishments' around your house. Although, I'm torn... it always makes me feel inadequate at my own skills and at the same time it inspires me to rev up my own living space when we return!!

My new umberella!