May 27, 2008


The kids and I are in Kansas spreading around the fun and the flu! We arrived in the midst of a nasty flu bug that Landis didn't develop until about 30 miles away from Pratt. Too late to turn back. The bug has run its course through Landis, me, Grandma Lee, Papa Ken, and now Aunt Katie and cousin Paxon. We are hoping the the remaining two uninfected individuals (Uncle Joe, and Teilee) will continue to avoid the nasty illness.
Meanwhile we have encountered several severe tornadic thunder storms and I am definitely not used to the anxiety. We had one twister that went through Cairo which was about 5 miles or so from Grandma Lee and Papas house. While the kids and I were visiting Katie, Joe, and Paxon, Mom and Dad had another tornado that was just South of them a few miles. .....and this isn't even tornado season!
Since last week we spent a majority of our time recovering from this stomach bug we are finally getting to really enjoy this beautiful Kansas experience. We have been able to catch some wild animals. A couple of box turtles that we captured got into a territorial fight before we set them free. Teilee and Landis have loved getting their hands onto a couple of toads. We have seen some snakes, crawdads, lots of beautiful birds. Teilee has enjoyed feeding the cats, dogs, and chickens. I promise to write more later of our fun time here.


Eats Shoots and Leaves said...

We got to hear about those storms firsthand, and even had a few of our own! Good thing Windsor isn't too close to Fort Collins!

kinetic said...

I think you are close to having experienced all the kinds of flu that there are. Soon you will be immune to every one of them and you will never be sick again! Hurray! I hope the rest of your visit is healthy!!

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