Dec 15, 2009

Need name ideas

Calling all Imaginations!!! I need your creative juices. I am not only in need of a new blog name but also a business name. I would like the two of them to be intertwined somehow. They don't have to be the same name but I am looking at finding a way to at least link them.

Here is the business: Natural solid wood kids toys such as: Waldorf Kitchens, shoe racks (to dry boots on), fridges, small figures, dryers, etc......
We are wanting anyone interested in natural kids toys, waldorf education, hand crafted products, local products, family business (everyone is involved) be able to find us and be interested in what we are offering! Nick is incredibly skilled and these items are also marketable as heirloom and art pieces.

My new blog I intend to focus on our homeschooling Waldorf experience and the things we do at home with the children.

Here are a few name ideas we have come up with so far:

Imagination Playground
Crabby Lion Toys (From our Horoscopes: Landis is a Leo, and the rest of us are Cancers)
Rainbow Bridge Woodworking
Willow Woodworking
BW Woodworking

Clearly we are struggling. I just can't find anything suitable. My primary goal is to find a business name first. I am sure something can be created for the blog from that.
I would love to hear any ideas you might have!


Carrie Lynn W said...

Imagination Playground RULES~

Picking a good business name has a few elements: It must convey your store in the name itself. If you plan to market online, your name must also have searchability within your target markets. (Ie people looking for what you have to offer will be able to put in a search like "children furniture" or "handmade kid toys" and find your products)

So, I guess I would suggest making a list of words that relate to what you make and try to pull a few together to create a name...with a little tweaking you are on your way to a creative name people will remember.

household appliances for kids
pretend kitchens

I still think Imagination Playground is needs a little something it is it sounds like a service instead of a product. "Imagination Playground Store" "Natural Playground Toys" "Wooden Kid Kitchens"

Ah, I gotta run, but this was a fun brainstorm session. Feel free to email me to chat back and forth.

Ani said...

Imagination Tree Woodwork

Andi said...

Thanks for the ideas, gotta keep those creative juices flowing and it certainly helps to have others creative juices flowing too!

My new umberella!