Jan 2, 2011

New Year

The one tradition each B-W wants to do for the Winter Solstice/Yule/Christmas:

Teilee: Celebrate St. Nicholas Day and Christmas
Landis: Hang outside Christmas Lights
Dad: Make and eat a special Christmas Dinner
Mom: Family Light Night Bike Ride
Here are a few pictures from our month of December. Yes we got to do it all! We were even able to share x-mas day with Aunt Jessi and Uncle Ryan, as well as Grandma Lee and Papa.
I tried to edit the millions of pictures to help sum up our December.
Thanks St. Nicholas

Mom and Dad made a beetle kill pine desk for the kids. The beeswax finish really brings out the beautiful blue grain.

Dad also made art easels for the kids as well and they got to 'work'.

A fun gift from Grandma Lee and Papa, it is a giant ball that you can climb inside and ride in.

Winter Solstice Celebration with friends. This year I came prepared with books next year I am going to try to be a bit more confidence about sharing my songs too.

Teilee wrote a book at school, "Josie Sees Colors". (Hard back and everything). Unfortunately for mom, Teilee decided that she needed to give the book to Josie, rather than save it for her bookshelf. At least I got to be volunteer mom and be there to watch her and her book writing workshop (12 kids or so ages 5-10) take their books to a local preschool and read them to each kiddo there.

Love this picture of Landis.
As a family we went to the local kids gymnastic and dance performance of The Nutcracker with a Twist. Than Teilee and I had a mommy daughter date to watch the Canyon Concert Ballet professionals perform the Nutcracker. Here we are geared up to go!

Landis' preschool had their winter party. Our job of the day was to lead all the kids and their families in song until Santa arrived.

Ahhh yes, here we are placing our beloved FSM on the top of our tree. The kids took turns so they each received the honor of placement.
We traveled to a small local tree farm and got to pick our own tree. We have gone to this particular farm for 3 out of the 5 years we have lived here. We missed last years season (you can only cut for 2 weeks in Dec. and we really procrastinated) and the year before they were rebuilding after a tornado. 4 generations building, creating, and working on this farm. Last year we went with a nursery and got an untreated sustainable native tree which I felt great about, but there is just something about picking out your own tree on a small farm, sharing a tractor ride to the barn, and having a handmade wreath to take home.

Wow.....I could have written 30 pages on our traditions and activities in Dec. I left out so much out but now is the time for Brigid/Imbolc (Candelmas). A time for taking stock and cleaning out what is no longer needed.

Welcome 2011 and all that you hold!! Happy New Year to everyone!!

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