Jul 27, 2011


I have heard tell of children needing some time (upwards of a year) to decompress from their school experiences before they are ready to attempt curriculum or any sort of organized homeschooling. This gives them time to unlearn negative behaviors, feelings, and even unwelcome educational methods.

I have found with Teilee that the first couple of months she needed extreme amounts of alone time at home. She craves this time the most in the early mornings. When we were homeschoolers she couldn't wait to get out of the house. Daily trips were requested and we were limited mostly by my energy or lack of. Recently she is still craving home time but she is beginning to turn to her brother again. When she was in school she had a hard time playing with him. When she was home at night or on the weekend, she wanted to be alone. When she played with him it was not creative, inclusive play. It was non-cooperative and often antagonistic. I have heard many times over by parents that they do not have the patience to homeschool. I am amazed at how much more patience I needed when she was in school because of the personality changes and the strain in the sibling dynamics.

Landis has waited a long time for his big sister to return to him. To embrace him as a playmate, and friend and to play long hours of creative games with him. She helps him work on his workbook and loves to teach him anything he is willing to learn. I am absolutely astounded at what we lost when she went to school. This is only highlighted by what we have gained as she has been recovering from her school experience.

Several times in the last week they have insisted on playing nearly the entire day together in creative joy. This may not last or at least not at the intensity of which they are playing constantly now and so well together. However, right now I am so overwhelmed by this feeling of gratitude. That I know we are making the best decision for our family and for the kids by entering again into homeschooling.

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