Nov 10, 2007

Our Night

So Landis got his flu shot and he was the most well behaved of tots,

the woman stabbed him with the needle and he didn't even cough,

no sputter or snivel only a slightly angry glare,

came from his little face a small inclining of despair,

then on to laughing and playing a most happy child,

and we thought, "man, this whole ordeal was pretty mild".

Than came the evening when our little babe laid down to rest,

and it was evident that the shot had an effect to say the least.

The sleep we had that night was intermittent and greatly disturbed,

as he cried all night long, except for two hours, that little turd!

Yes we are pretty darn tired and I have much to do, today has begun fairly slowly but is sure to pick up pace quickly. Much homework to do, many projects, lots of unfun stuff. In the meantime enjoy these pictures from topless soccer day, fun in the tree, and Halloween!

Nick said, 'be stoic Teilee'.

If you look closely the wick on the TNT has been lit! Look out!


kinetic said...

Hip hip hooray--shirtless soccer day! Well, I don't know about you, but I'm at the point where I'm just hanging on for dear life and counting down the weeks until the semester's over (4 after this week)!!

Those Halloween costumes are masterful!!

Eats Shoots and Leaves said...

Those are awesome costumes!

KBH said...

okay, how do you get more than one picture and embedd them within your text? i'm sorry, i'm not very good at this yet!

Andi said...

You have to keep clicking on the 'add a picture tab'. It takes a while and is a pain in the butt, especially because it loads all the pictures in the same place. You select left, center, or right for the placement of each photo and it will load each of them at the top of your new posing. You can't change this positioning once you have uploaded the picture. However you can then drag them down or up to put them where you want them. It can really mess up your text. I recomend typing your post, then uploading all your pictures, placing them, then fixing your text. I hope that made sense, good luck!

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

hope landis is feeling better, o.k. all of you get to feeling better-delta

My new umberella!