Oct 29, 2007

Hay + Pumpkins + Wind + Sunflowers= One Great Day!

One windy day at the Pumpkin Patch: My Photo Journal


kinetic said...

I'm here! I'm working on an update--Ceara is urging me on. Expect one midweek with all sorts of trivial ridiculousness and pictures!

Speaking of pictures--these are fantastic! LOVE Nick's beard!! The hay, pumpkins, wind, and sunflowers look so great. Apparently you've been having the same great weather there that we have been here. Saw the wee BrunsonHutto lion this weekend which makes me wonder what fantastical creatures the BrunsonWilliams's's became for All Hallow's Eve.

Good luck with the school stuff. I am taking my umpteenth break from creating "Unit Plan" for a seventh grade class using the principle of backwards design...it's killin' me. I swear this takes me 18 times as long as anyone else in my class. It's demoralizing, but I'm chipping away at it. I think that if I can just survive 5 more weeks of this somehow I will...um, survive, I guess.

************************** said...

Love the pictures! They are sooo adorable... look at teilee's outfit! I love it! Reminds me of a picture of you around her age in a dress, white knee socks and blue tennis shoes!!!! I'm still blogging but haven't felt inspired with anything lately, so it's coming along slowly! However, I love reading your blogs!!!

Andi said...

She dressed herself that morning. At first we were just grateful that she hadn't selected the pirate pants to go out! We have come to understand that she has some really awesome ideas about dressing herself and really does a better job at matching than mommy and daddy do!

What in the world is the principle of backwards design? I am looking foward to that blog!!

My new umberella!