Oct 11, 2007

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Fall is beautiful. It is so nice to have a fall again. Fall in Arizona happens when one day the leaves are on the trees, one day they are on the ground, the next day the cleaning crews come out and vanquish any signs of the fall that may have been. Not that there are many trees in Phoenix other than the ridiculous imported palm trees. How wonderful to rake, and jump, and get crumbled up crunchy leaves down your shirt, pants, underwear, shoes!

I have been singing Katelin's song that she wrote when she was like 4.

I love the rain in the spring time,

I love the leaves in the fall,

I love the snow in the winter,

but I love you most of all.

We have been a computer down, internet down, down to one vehicle, and switching our phone service. We will have a new number soon. Lots of changes happening. I laugh that we are now a four person family with 1 car. After recently reading the 'Poisonwood Bible' (which for some reason the character Leah reminded me of you, Tegan), and "The Kite Runner', really I am just happy to have a car. Also, Nick has been able to drive the other one to work as long as he doesn't have to stop, or then he has to put it in neutral and rev the engine! I am looking at the lack of a vehicle as a way to increase my bike riding mileage and possibly get into better shape. With the vehicle running so poorly we will probably not be able to make any long distance trips. The wagon is running but wouldn't make it that far.
I just can't imagine life being any busier than it is now. Truly I don't have time for this now, but it is one thing that I can do for myself that is fun and refreshing. Maybe some of the more experienced moms with more kids, or older kids can give me hope (even false hope), that things will slow down soon. Although with this last summer and spring, we kinda didn't do much but survive, we are really trying to catch up now!

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