Oct 1, 2007

Puke Statistics

1 Week--2 sick kids--2 sick parents--1 bad stomach flu

25-30 loads of laundry- Each person's bed linens washed minimum of twice

5 random projectile vomit clean ups that didn't hit the toilet or puke bucket (the worst being Teilee's cantaloupey vomit all over Nick and I's bed, bedroom wall, carpet, clothes, etc..)

2 random cat pukes (they just had to get in on the fun too!)

2 sleepless nights for momma

1 alternator needing replacement in vehicle (has nothing to do with the illness, but still one more thing to do in the week)

1 dead fish (again not related, but had to have a fishy funeral. You have been a good fish, spot. Thanks for all the swimming, and pooping, and eating. Have fun with the worms!:))

4 family members happy to be well!!

So we got well, we survived, my hands are dry and prunny from all the cleaning, although you couldn't tell by the state of my house. Survival mode engaged! Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky that I was able to avoid being bed ridden until Nick had somewhat recovered. How is it in times of desperation that my immune system seems to work the best? Mind over matter? Pure luck? Whatever that was, thank FSM!!!

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kinetic said...

Whoa Momma! I don't even know what to say. That sounds...awesome (in the Flying Spaghetti Monster sense of the word) and also awful (in the pukeriffic sense of the word). I'm so glad you're all feeling better!! I was thinking of you yesterday as I put washed sheets on our bed and thought--I wonder how many sets of sheets Andi's gone through lately? Answer is, apparently, a lot!

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