Oct 29, 2007

We are here! We are here! We are here!

Where's all my bloggers at? I am missing reading all of your updates. We are here, gearing up for Halloween and Delta's Birthday! Happy B-day! Also Happy Belated to all of my October birthdays! Teilee's snow goose costume is almost half-way made, and I haven't started on Landis' TNT costume. I figured if I don't get to his, he probably won't mind too much. This week my research paper is due, then next week another test, then the week after that my presentation. As always I just hope to survive without illness! I got my last test back and did much better. I missed some stupid questions, but am happy to be back in the security of an A. Wish me luck on what is promising to be a few crazy busy weeks! Happy Halloween! May the hob gobblin pass over your house without stealing the candy! Ours may get a requested visit, at least to steal the kids candy and deposit it into our laps!
Remember: "The Littlelest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs." ---Be Good Tanyas


asclepias54 said...

Where's here? Kansas or Fort Collins? I'm tickled to hear Teilee went as a snow goose! We had a lot of trick-or-treaters this year--unseasonably warm weather for Halloween! I was a little jealous. When I was that age I only got to go out without a coat once, and even then I had to wear a sweater! Thank goodness for school Halloween parties! Otherwise we'd never actually get to see anyone dressed up as anything!

Andi said...

Here in Fort Collins. Not much travel predicted for our future as we are running on some delapidated vehicles that need some much needed attention. It is crazy how warm it has been! Hello, November is not supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny. Although, I usually make the kids costumes to go over warm clothes and winter coats, just in case.

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