Mar 6, 2008

Cabin Fever

So I added it up and in the last 2 weeks I have left the vicinity of my home four times. Three of these occasions were trips to the Doctor or to urgent care. The other was a trip to my school to take a test that required my presence in the testing center. Today I ventured out to the Urgent Care Center, to attend to an injury of Landis', in our busted vehicle with a borrowed car seat. Our wagon has developed a transmission problem and so Nick has been driving our other vehicle to work. Of course the vehicle Nick drove had both car seats in it. Fortunately Teilee was at the preschool with Nick today and so I only had to obtain 1 car seat. My neighbor was willing to let me borrow her son's car seat and despite it being for children ages 4 and up I took her up on the offer. The urgent care was only a mile or so away and I almost considered walking or biking, but since I am still ill I wasn't sure that I would make it. So with Landis in the big kid car seat, (and despite his pain was loving it) we drove the few blocks to the urgent care. I thought that he had possibly injured his wrist as he was refusing to use it and was fussing anytime he moved it. I was thinking it must have been a similar injury to the 'sublaxation of the radial head' injury, or dislocated elbow, that he had a few months ago. It was even the same arm. After arriving and checking in we waited. We waited until we were shown to a private room, where Landis played for a while and then fell asleep nursing. The Doctor came in after he fell asleep and proceeded to check out his wrist. He barely moved during her examination so I woke him up. Well......after waking he was using his hand, wrist, everything was just fine. I guess he just needed to sleep it off! I suppose these are just mundane details, but like I said I haven't been out much:)

School has been on the forefront of my thinking lately, but I have had little to give to the venture. In fact I have decided to avoid the work of applying for the latest round of scholarships. Priorities are......Get Well......Get Family Back to a Routine.........Pass My Classes.........and well I can't think much past that. The first priority is proving to be a little too challenging. At the moment I can't even imagine what it is like to not experience severe fatigue, painful stuffy head, and extreme exhaustion.

On a brighter note...the seeds that we planted are growing nicely in our dining room. The sunflower plants are the most impressive, but I like the corn plants who clearly have outgrown the bottoms of the containers. We just used the plastic containers that strawberries come in to plant some seeds (sunflowers, corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, and herbs). The corn roots have swarmed out of the holes in the bottom of the container. I have no idea (and don't really care) if these seeds will make it to the spring planting. I guess I figured at the very least it would be fun to watch these plants grow. Hopefully this weekend we will get to the repotting of these plants and will be able to experience their potential!


kinetic said...

I'm with Landis--this sounds like quite an adventure, though exhausting and not quite as fun for Andi.

I also planted some seeds. My friend Trisha gave me a little greenhouse that came with seed packs. It was right on time because I was thinking about trying not to kill some herbs again.

The little cups came with compressed peat thingies that look like hockey pucks. The instructions have you pour in a cup of water to rehydrate them into a pot full of soil. The last instruction is "plant seeds according to instructions", but the seeds come in generic white packets with absolutely no instructions.

Therefore, I am proud that my work using a knife to create little furrows in which to bury seeds has resulted in the sprouts in 3 of the 5 containers. I'll have to check which herbs.

Your indoor garden sounds intriguing. Perhaps I will get ambitious and create one in our kitchen, too. My other project is to build a better habitat for Melvine the tortuga.

Continuing to be totally impressed with you on the school front. More like, "in awe of". I hope you feel better. Spring is on the way--some sunshine and fresh air can't help but improve the situation, right?
Much love to all,

Andi said...

Soil hockey pucks sound cool! I have seen these things called turtle houses that sort of mimic old hollowed out logs. Do turtles even like logs?

Eats Shoots and Leaves said...

About the illness--I'm really, really sorry and I hope you're feeling better! (I do, however, remember warning you about that when you tried to hug me at our little gathering in January, and you said, "I'll take my chances.")

And Tegan--tortuga?

My new umberella!