Mar 31, 2008

Finnally Health Results!

What a winter! The last few days we have received more snow and it is another slap in the face to spring. Ha! Take that spring, cold maker has beaten you again. Well...enjoy winter, because soon your wicked beauty will be abandoned for the warmth of the green season.

It is normal for me to wish for the spring, with warmer weather will come a tremendous health improvement. Doctor, after doctor, after doctor has been absolutely no help. They continue to try and treat the singular area of my sinuses and have been unable to offer a positive practical prognosis. Even the surgeon, who kinda recommended surgery, warned me that it would not make everything all better. I am sorry, but what kind of a cowardly response is that. It's like they have to cover their asses to make sure that if surgery doesn't improve my life I won't sue. Not very reassuring to a patient who really doesn't want to have surgery. Maybe someday in the future I will have corrective surgery to my sinus area, but for now I just need to get healthy. What stinks is walking into my doctors office a complete mess and having him say that there isn't anything else he can do for me. Cop-out! I was in bed for a week.....and you have no ability to help! The good news is that I found myself a Kinesiologist who is willing to help. He has been treating my whole system (holistic healing rocks). Thus far I have been functioning, acute sinus infection free and feel like there is some real help and hope. He has helped to close my illeosecal valve (between the large and small intestine), addressed my low functioning thyroid, my mineral deficiency, my sciatic nerve problem, back issues, and of course the sinuses. I have twice felt a severe infection reforming and then after a trip to the kinesiologist have seen drastic improvement that day! Despite my own skepticism, I can't deny the results. I am sure that I dodged a severe infection last week. I am so grateful and excited. What stinks is that my insurance company has paid so much in doctor bills, hospitalizations, and treatments without any improvment and of course the cheaper alternative that actually works is not covered. Of course cheap to the insurance company is beyond what I can afford! Thank FSM I am in school this semester or else I am not sure what I would have done without student loans. I guess part of being a student is medical care, right?

One drastic change has been to my diet. Dr. Galyardt tested me for sensitivities and discovered that gluten was an issue. (At least dairy, and coffee isn't.) I have started removing gluten from my diet which is found in wheat, rye, barely, and oats and things like imitation seafood, soy sauce and other random products. I am reading a lot of labels and still missing things! I have noticed on the occasion that I consume some gluten-filled product that the next day my sinuses are filled and I don't feel so well. This could be good for the whole family as it will implement a diet filled with less carbs, better protein, and more veggies. I have learned that I can't just make the things that I normally eat gluten free as this is not cost effective. There are so many gluten free products, but they cost twice as much as gluten-filled. I have a lot of learning to do on this topic.

Nick is working at Teilee's preschool and loving it! It is exhausting work, but he is bringing home things like patience and new discipline techniques. Usually these are things left to me to discover, read about, or implement. It is great to have some new ideas! This job will probably end at the end of May and we will enjoy every moment of it. Also Nick learned the joy of working from home the last few weeks. He had a couple of installation jobs here at the house and I think he not only enjoyed them but saw the benefits of added income and being available at home.

We had a great Easter! We even had a surprise outside visit from the Equinox bunny. Even some chocolate for mom and dad. One of our awesome neighbors surprised us by hiding treats in the snow at about 5:30 in the morning! Teilee of course wondered why we were so surprised about the outside part and not so shocked about the inside visit. I love this neighborhood!
That's my inspiration for the day...and now back to the kids!


Eats Shoots and Leaves said...

A lot of the medical community scoffs at holistic and alternative medicine, but it works really well! My acupuncture and rolfing sessions (lo these many years ago) did help. It wasn't permanent in my case, but that isn't important

kinetic said...

Well, sister o' mine, medical treatment is rarely 'permanent' either. I remember the amazing results you had with acupuncture.

CBM--Ceara is getting similarly fuzzy diagnoses from medical professionals. I told her she should read your most recent entry. I think it is blah when health insurance won't expand to accommodate some combination holistic/'western' treatment.

KBH said...

With all your sickness I'm surprised (or maybe impressed) that you've even managed to get the camera out to take pictures of, and even more impressive, all activities you've been doing while sick! I'm totally there with the holisic stuff as you know. I think eventually insurance may start to get there, but that something we will probably never see the benefits of. In our case, a hospital birth with treat pregnancy/birth as a disease or surgery is covered by insurance, but our home-birth/midwife will be completely out of our pocket, but would only be a fraction of the cost for insurance. It totally makes no sense. We are only able to 'choose' what kind of medical care we want as long as it is run by large companies and bigger corporations! You suck establishment! Okay, that's my rant. Loving your blogs and pictures. As for the biking; I'm soooo proud. Now, I've gotta go get some bruises.... oh I guess I'll wait 'till after baby to do any daredevily stuff!

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