Aug 27, 2008

We had a crazy weekend, typical of our house. We finally, after nearly 2 months of constant procrastination, finally had a party commemorating the kids birthdays. I suppose I will blame it on my desire to party all summer. I was a smashing success if I do say so myself. Two things that you hope for in every party: 1) Everyone has a good time! 2) Everyone will want to come back! I personally had some side goals that were sly and sneaky at best. I am looking for that compatible group of delightful children and parents to join with me in providing cheap and fun play dates in a non-denominational parenting group that I am spearheading. It could be called the alternative parenting group, or the eclectic parenting group, or the frugal parenting group I have yet to discover a name. Anyone have any suggestions? We will hopefully be non-judgemental, cheap, dedicated, conscious parenting group. I also have yet to discover the medium in which I will launch this group. I am wanting it to be an invitation only group with a calendar set up online. I will place things on the calendar which parents will visit and determine which events they will want to join us in. This way when we go to the free mushroom farm tour, the art museum, etc.., anyone who wants to can join us! Was that a long enough explanation?! I am just not having success with existing parenting groups that are either too elitist or not selective enough.
I though I would share this bit of brilliant parenting that occurred the other morning. The kids arrived at the breakfast table to discover that N had made muffins. T immediately was unhappy with the morning selection and this quickly brought me to attention. I explained that this was breakfast and she was not allowed to be disrespectful to daddy. How did this make daddy feel?, I asked. She must thank daddy for the delicious breakfast and eat the muffin or she has to go to time out and have no breakfast. She thanks N and takes a bite of the muffin through strained compliance. Then she again refuses to eat the muffin. Fine, get down from the table and go play. This is breakfast and if you choose not to eat than go right ahead and not eat, but there will be no food until snack time and that will most likely consist of the non eaten muffins.
Both T and L went and played and left me scratching my head as to why they would not want to eat or rather why was starvation a better option than muffin eating? Ahhhh.... the idea crossed my mind that maybe I should try the muffins. Turns out the baking soda and baking powder were mixed up resulting in salty, metallic tasting nasty muffins. After my own taste test I resorted to milk, juice, and water to try and wash the taste out. Now what? If I serve the kids something else for breakfast they will learn that I am wishy washy. If I admit that they were right and muffins were meant only for the compost bin then how do I tell them the next time that they must eat what we serve them! In to their room I venture and here is what I told them: "Hey guys, I am sorry but the muffins got ruined and now they are yucky so if and when you are ready to eat then you may come and have yogurt and fruit instead." The kids took pity on me and allowed my explanation to stand as they frolicked back to the table. Polite, and respectful they thank us for breakfast and ate everything we gave to them. Score 1 for taste testing first before serving hand made items! I seriously had flashbacks to Dads oatmeal and the courageous kids who ate what was before them. At least the oatmeal was a consistency issue, I tried to force my kids to eat metal with a dash of salt!


Eats Shoots and Leaves said...

Ican think of a few things in my past that Tegan made and I ate because I wwas hungry, but not because it was good!

kansasoutback said...

Just EAT IT! ;-(

My new umberella!