Aug 15, 2008

Rain Fun!

There is nothing this momma loves more than a fresh rain and two eager kids! Even better if it is still raining when a walk commences. We have had an abundance of rain and we couldn't be any happier. One evening the lightening and thunder ended after bath. The kids decked out in raincoats and pjs loved stomping and jumping in the puddles.

T would spend all of her existence airborn if she could and L just loves to copy every action of his cool big sis. We stayed out until the light was gone and I was able to capture this cool shot with L where it looks as though the background is black and white. No touchups needed!

Since our neighborhood drains water very quickly, it is a rare downpour that gives us puddles. We are fortunate that we have a green belt in back that if we walk a little ways turns into a large concrete drainage area. After one downpour we walked through the marsh in the ditch and down to the concrete. There is a little ramp that the kids unsuccessfully tried to slide down but nonetheless had a great time getting wet. We were visited by a couple of horses and L rescued an abandoned frisbee. The sky was beautiful, the light was perfect, the air was warm, and the kids were wet: What could be better!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Last photo is my fave. Nicely done. Wish we could get some of the mountain rain here.

kinetic said...

That jumping shot is pretty great too! I'm so glad I get to see these--faboo!

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

you are such cool parents to encourage such a frivolous and childish adventure...that's what childhood is for...keep up the great

KBH said...

You should seriously take up photography full time.

Caption for photo of Landis straight on:
"Why hello little Nick."

My new umberella!