Jul 26, 2008

Still in the past.....

I am trying not to overwhelm you all with a mass of postings, I just really need to catch up.

We attended a birthday party in June where T got to play "What time is it Mrs. Fox?". The silly chickens ask the question and then take steps foward until the answer is "It's Dinner time!" where they then run away trying to not get tagged by the fox. T in the green dress is completely airborn (pretty normal actually).

N had a car that he worked on in a car show downtown and our friends K and E joined us. I think many of these shots capture the depth and structure of their relationship;)

I love this pic of the three of them!

T is really into holding hands which is great because L is really into not ever holding hands. (He is definately establishing his independence.)

I couldn't get them to look at the same time!
A day at our neighborhood park.

I am starting a club that will be called the EX-PC's (exhausted parents club). Membership is open to anyone who is exhausted (parents or non-parents). We will be meeting once a week at Catalyst coffee for some much needed caffiene and socialization.

I often get completely overwhelmed with the position of parent and I am sure that I am not alone. My life is further complicated by the lack of husband job stability and therefore income, having a health condition that makes any amount of energy difficult to achieve, and a whole slew of things. I know every parent has their own set of issues to overcome and there is no reason or need to search for equality in difficulty. Sometimes I observe other at home moms with expendable incomes and no comprehension of living with less. They tend to have more oportunities for alone time without the kids, which is vital to any parent trying to stay sane! Babysitters, Nannies, Double Jogging strollers, Trips and vacations, Gym memberships with childcare, and gas monies and cars for driving to and from activities. None-the-less they have a hard time squeezing in moments of solitude or adult conversations without interuption. Most certainly even these items that might be affordable carry with them the guilt that they are not with their children constantly. Any parent that is able to exist outside of the home for a minimum of an hour day, regardless of activity, will be refreshed with a new found sense of enjoyment out of their children. I am trying to remember this as I try to figure out what it is today that I want to do to refresh. Here I am at home and writing alone. This rare moment of quiet allows me to think and to reflect. Here is what I know: Women are amazing! Mothers are incredible! As a society we tend to underestimate and undervalue the job of giving birth and raising children. Finnally there is little real (non-judgmental, open, free, accepting, loving) support for mothers. Mothers are the greatest activists in the world and have the least amount of energy, time, and resources. This is why I am constantly amazed by the moms I know! I just have to remember to let their acomplishments serve to inspire not as something to judge myself by.

Lastly the greatest single feat a human can perform occured yesterday morning as K gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Once again I am amazed and inspired by her experience. Congratulations!

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Fox doesn't look like she's ready to catch anyone.

Sounds like you need a "give ma/pa an hour" club ... trading child care for free time with other parents. I'm sure you've explored options.

Regardless, keep it up. I wish we were closer so we could take the kids for a bit. I'm working on it.

My new umberella!