Jul 23, 2008

So they were giants!

I have been a bad little blogger and have missed some great photo sharing, fun having, events. We went to the Denver Art museum with our friend K and her friend M and had a spectacular time. I was truly surprised by the numerous activities there were for kids. This is definately a place that you have to visit more than once. Our original intent was a fun family outing while gathering data for a class project that I had due in a few weeks.

Of course Daddy had to get a little kid throwing in. L is not quite the acrobat that little T is but he is still so much lighter than she is.
We meant to go back this summer and I am bummed that I missed the quilt exhibit but there are just so many fun things to do around here (without spending gas money).

Some of you might remember Kimber and Mikes dog Strider (yes a name from Lord of the Rings). He happened to get sick about a week ago and it was discovered that he had a couple of large cancerous masses. He is such a cool dog and at only 4 years old we are hoping for the best for him.

Here's lookin' at you pup!


Spokey dokey said...

I love your photos! Who is that strange ogre who has T by a leg? she doesn't seem to mind much.

Andi said...

That would be Keren's friend Jason. T has never minded being in the air in any way, shape, or form. Maybe a career in the circus? or Circe de Solei (how ever its spelled)?

Andi said...

Oh, yeah....this museum trip occurred back in May. Yes I am finally sharing it!

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

...and what a great pix of n and l with a perspective making them giants! keep up the great photography...you are an artist...delta

My new umberella!