Jul 18, 2008

No Bears.

Our Red Feather Camping Trip

In June we headed up to Red Feather for a vacation. Thanks to cousin Scott we were able to locate a beautiful area in which to refresh our parched souls. It was soooo quiet and peaceful and we were happy to unleash our horde of wildness into the wilderness. We were hours from civilization and miles from any other human being. While mom's desire to see a bear up close and personal was not met, Dad was able to achieve a long time goal of pooping in the woods. Even daughter had previously met this acomplishment but for Dad this was a first time experience to not be near a structure designed for waste removal. (Sorry Dad but I just had to share;)) Here is our campsite.

Saturday we arrived and set up camp. After exploring and enjoying the peace a quite we retired. Warning to parents....children 5 and under do not sleep when camping and therefore neither do you! Sunday was spent with Mom nursing a migraine all day while trying to enjoy our trip. We were able to drive into Red Feather to purchase a fishing license for T. (She is the only one with a fishing pole.) We tested out one lake before deciding to move to a quieter area.
We swam, enjoyed playing with T's remote control boat, and even caught 1 fish. After returning to our campsite we explored and I was able to nap briefly to try and heal my head. Sun, heat, activity, and no sleep contributed to a whopper of a migraine.

That night we all slept........ ahhhhhh. Monday we went on a hike at a nearby area. T decided to become a "forest scientist" so she could fix the visibly ailing pine forest. After a short hike we returned to the campsite to pack up. Of course it decided to rain while we were taking down the tent. A wet tent is not so much fun to work with:) This provided some needed cooling and the kids were excited to have a little rain and thunder (natures fireworks).

Our camping site. Daughter took the pic of Dad, Mom, and son. L was ready for nap time but we pushed on to capture these moments.

Our family vacation 2008. Can't wait to go again!!!!!!!!!!!


KBH said...

Ahhh! I love these posts. What a great photographer T is!!! Let's plan next summer for all the Brunson girls and famiy to camp! Okay?

kinetic said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the post and the pictures. T is a good photographer, maybe she and P can hook up and start a business. The family photo is awesome! Everyone's eyes open? AND on the camera?...not to mention centered...wow!

My new umberella!