Nov 11, 2008

Help! Help! Help!

I need ideas fast!!! I need cheap/free Christmas gift ideas for kiddos and adults!

I have 3 days to make them, the gifts have to be shippable, and about 20 kids ranging from newborn to 8 years old! Because we will be traveling next week until Dec. and I will have no time when we get back. I am crafty, have lots of paper supplies, fabric, natural elements (sticks, rocks, shells, etc...) so that might give you ideas.

Previous years for kids I have made hats, scarfs, crayon holders, magnets, bags, pillowcases, dolls, and ornaments. I am out of ideas, out of time, and am just considering forgoing Christmas totally! I want to give gifts, I have so many ideas I just don't have the finances available to do what I want.

I also need some gifts for people that live in the area. They won't have to be shipped and so can be breakable and or perishable.

For adults we have made soup mixes, bread, pasta. Some of the families on our list are gluten, dairy, and vegan so food is often difficult. Maybe granola bars, dried fruit leather? This year might be the time to forget adult gifts and just do kiddos, but I can't stand the thought. I think this will have to be our cheapest x-mas ever. Last year we did it for about $100's total and really if it could be free that would be best:)

Anyways, I thought that you all were crafty and creative and might be able to help me out!


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

how about a small donation for the adults to a charity of your choice in their "cheap children's gifts"...good luck, i know it's hard...maybe ask that only the children get gifts and the adults get the "joy of the season" delta

Andi said...

It is the consensus view that I will have to let go of most of my plans. The truth is it WILL be hard enough to make a x-mas happen just for my own kids and that will be my focus. Thanks everyone for putting a bit of logical realism into my life! I can feel my stress levels decreasing, at least a little bit!

*Kara* said...

Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

Love you!

Eats Shoots and Leaves said...

How many people are you trying to make gifts for? When I'm giving gifts now, I often give one to the entire family. In fact, my dad's side of the family is so large (and gropwing) that we draw names so everyone only has to worry about one or two gifts. Last Christmas I made a ton of different kinds of cookies, mixed them up, put them in tins, and sent them off. It was fun, and not terribly stressful. For the past several years I've given my grandparents homemade bread and/or cinammon rolls since they don't wanmt any more "stuff"and neither grandmother does as much baking as she udes to.

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

here is a great blog of crafty, diy, recycled stuff ...
i read it daily. don't worry about the are the focus...each xmas montana got one gift from us...grandparents did the rest...xmas is so filled with obligations...that's why i really don't like this holiday...fill their stockings and be done with

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