Mar 30, 2009

This week I'm Mama Bear

Hello all,
So most of you know that we are participating in the no TV challenge for the month of April. I am including a ban on facebook for next month but have decided to allow my blogging. This way I can keep my journal going and not feel like I will have to catch up in the month of May. April couldn't be a better month for this. I have so many projects that need my undivided attention. First we need to plant seeds and prepare the garden, I want to repaint the kids room, finish decorating the living room, start on an overall house purge, have a garage sell, begin fixing up the garage for my craftroom/classroom, find a wealthy land owner to donate land to the up and coming Raintree Charter school, work on the backyard landscaping, and oh man gotta catch up on cleaning, laundry, and sewing. I don't know if riding myself of couch surfing will actually contribute more to my available time to do those things but it is certainly exciting thinking that it will!

Here's what I am giving up: The kids typically watch 1-2 hours of TV on one day a week. Usually that day is Friday but not always. I usually watch TV when I am not feeling well, after the kids are in bed, and when Nick is home. I check my facebook account 2-3 times a day usually not for more than a few minutes but enough that it is an interruption (a welcome one) to my day.

I don't know if anyone has read the "Bearenstein Bear's TV Habit" book, but I am hoping the whole thing will go something like that! Who know's, maybe the month will allow me to strictly limit our TV even more throughout the year. Wednesday (April Fools Day) is the 1st and that is the day that the power goes out, well at least on the boob tube!


kinetic said...

I love it! Thanks for keeping the blog. I love love love the updates.

*Kara* said...

Wow! Good luck! Brave Mama is more like it! :)

I didn't know you were on facebook... not that it matters now... but I'm gonna go find you anyways! :)

My new umberella!