Apr 1, 2009

Day 1

Of all days to begin with no TV. Couldn't I just say April Fools I was just kidding about not watching TV or using facebook? I am thinking that I should strengthen my resolve and unplug the computer for a few days. I definitely use these mediums to curve boredom, insanity, and mental clutter. I have had a long day. Teilee has shown her skills in defiance and Landis is refusing sleep. Usually I could tune out and turn on the TV. Clearly I must develop better coping skills for these situations;)

Yesterday the kids and I were in the car headed home when Teilee informed me what it would be like if she "ran the world".
The sky would be white, the clouds blue, the lakes green, the snow purple, the trees would have purple leaves, pine cones would be green, the grass would be rainbow, and the mountains would be red in the fall. Houses would have a "wee bit of green on them". Everyone would have 1 cat and 1 dog. Everyone would have the same stuff so no one would ever be jealous. There would be no cars, no motorcycles, no gas stations and we all would have bicycles. Lastly school would only be for one day in the winter.
Even though I was driving I scrambled to write this all down so that it would not evaporate from my memory (as so many things do).

I am headed now to read a book while picturing a rainbow world full of bikes and void of jealousy.


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

what a grrl! who loves teilee? we all do! amazing she gets it...are we really surprised? nope...

*Kara* said...

What a fun world to live in! I think rainbow grass would be the bestest!

KBH said...

The world would be a lot less complicated if children like Teilee ran it!!! (and WAY more colorful!)

My new umberella!