Apr 7, 2009

No TV + No Facebook = hunger

Tomorrow will be the week mark of no TV and facebook. The kids haven't asked once to watch anything and really aren't missing it. Like I anticipated, it has been hardest for me and for Nick. We really, really, really want to flick on the TV after the kids are in bed and he is home and just veg. I am hoping this desire will fade and be replaced with a better relaxation habit. Already the programing of flipping over to facebook whenever I am on the computer is fading and that is a good thing. I do miss it, and there was one occasion where I really needed to get on so that I could get some contact info on someone. (I couldn't remember for the life of me what her buisness was named and so couldn't find it on etsy.) I resisted and found it elsewhere, whew, crisis averted! The tricky part is figuring out what crosses the line. Online TV, no. You Tube, yes. Downloaded netflicks, a definite no. Computer games, yes. Blog, yes. I think I might step it up a notch each week. Maybe this next week I will cut out either computer games or you tube, cutting out the other the next week. Then maybe I will cut out the blog for my final week. It is hard to distinguish where the line is and how far I want to take it. I think I might even reintroduce things slowly and with limits so that we don't go overboard when the restirction is lifted. That way we won't be starved for TV and ravinously binge on the devil.


*Kara* said...

Wow! Go you! I don't know that I could convince Jacob to get on board of no video games for a month... I think he would cry everyday! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I'll see if G-ma Lee can go a day without watching Friends. She's got me watching Friends AGAIN! Oh well. I guess we could have worse vices. Way to go Andi/Nick and kids!

Papa Ken

My new umberella!