Apr 27, 2009

Final Stretch

We are nearing the end of our no TV and facebook month. I have to say I am concerned at how excited I am to have those things back. We have snow again today. We have had quite a few rainy, cold, snowy days during the last month. I am not feeling very well (no swine flu yet) and would absolutely love to snuggle under the blankets with the kids while watching a movie. Nick complicated things by saying, "we are close enough to a month, let's watch a little TV. What's the harm?". Bad Nick, testing my resolve so close to the finish line. The kids have been relatively unaffected by the whole experiment. Twice Teilee has asked when no TV month is over (only twice). I guess the lesson is, the kids are fine, they get an okay amount of TV. Not too much, not to little. However, mama maybe gets too much. I definately use TV and facebook as a way to escape. Usually the TV comes on after the kids are in bed at night and I do nothing but veg. I don't know if this is something I want to change. I will ponder some more. We are not going to watch TV until this Sat. the 2nd. That way we can have a family movie night with snacks, drinks, pillows, blankets, and cuddling. I know the kids will enjoy that as a reintroduction to the possibility of TV again. I will continue to contemplate if any changes need to be made to my TV and computer habits. Perhaps restrictions like only two days a week (maybe three). I must decide before the switch is turned back on and I have open access to it all.

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KBH said...

I'm sure you'll find the perfect combination of TV, facebook time. :)

My new umberella!