May 14, 2009

Another leaf

When reviewing old photos it is easy to see how much Teilee has grown physically. The difficult task is to identify the day to day areas of growth. Teilee has been taking pictures for many years but I have noticed that more recently she is able to find what she wants to photograph and then focus and center her target. No easy task when one of your subjects is the fast and furious Landis. Here is a sample of the photos Teilee has taken recently.

Yes, that is my son dressed in his Sunday best. Complete without clothes, with a cape, crown, and sister's rain boots.

Then we have captured Landis stiring up trouble in the bathroom and with sister's dinosaurs. I love seeing the photographer in the photo!

I have no idea how she got the camera to focus on the water. Really it is incredibly difficult with our camera. Our old digital used to take pictures quicker and focusing in at shorter range. Don't ask my why? This one, unless you are four feet back, is almost impossible to get it to focus.

I love seeing things from their viewpoint and even landis gets in on the gig. Although he likes to take pictures of peoples bottoms right now so beware the boy with the camera. It is great watching these two weeds grow another leaf.


KBH said...

You should definately print these and make an album "by Teilee".

kinetic said...

Dear Teilee,
Your photographs are amazing. Like your mom, I am fascinated by the photo you took of Landis at the sink. I like that I can see you in the mirror concentrating on capturing the scene.

I am also amazed at the "faucet waterfall". I know how tough it is to get anything in focus, let alone something moving as fast as water does.

How are your chickens?

Yours Truly,

Andi said...

my chicken's are fine! Thank you.


kinetic said...

Dear Teilee,
You are welcome! I am glad to hear that the chickens are in good health. I think they have excellent caretakers!

Carrie said...

Maybe one day she will be the art & lifestyle, commercial department photographer of my company. mwahh ahhh ahhhh.

My new umberella!