May 23, 2009

Sewing, Walks, and Beyond

I have done a bit of sewing this month. This is one project that has been on my to-do list since I read the book "The Creative Family". This author has a fabulous blog that I go to when I need inspiration. This is a pair of pants for Landis that I made from a shirt I purchased at a garage sale. I am working on finishing a pair of wrap around pants for myself. I also have some grocery and bread bags to sew. I am suddenly drawn to the machine and am wanting to begin some larger projects and quilts. This is certainly not the time of year to be indoors sewing but I am craving this creative mode and can not deny it.

With Nick gone in the evenings, the kids and I have begun taking walks. Thanks to our new jogging stroller (Thanks Eva!) the children are delighted to ride and let me stretch my legs! We have walked when it was cold, warm, dark, and whenever! The kids love to throw a blanket over the shield and create their own little cave. Here they can whisper secrets, read books, and share snacks without mom's intrusion. Often it has been a wonderful way to snooze while traveling home from a picnic with Daddy at his nearby job site.

We ventured to a local nature area one night and discovered a small stream with some wonderful trees that has turned into a common gathering place for us to explore.

Unfortunately we are not the only visitors to this place. At least the villains properly named themselves when spray painting this tree. It is quite a challenge to explain to Teilee how mommy feels about grafiti. I often find grafiti on buildings and even trains a beautiful artistic expression. However it is also an act of vandalism and I do not condone the random acts of nature or property distruction. That was my soapbox and I think that Teilee and Landis are a few years away from understanding the grey areas of grafiti. :)

Some walks make for late nights but we are fond of the views at night also. The blooms on this tree are spectacular in the day and sureal on a quite night. The street light helps for us to find our footing when the moon is hidden or small. Despite the non-natural light we are still able to spot the stars and the artwork painted in our sky. Human noise is quiter and the wildlife (including neighborhood foxes) tend to expose itself.
We love taking our walks and hope to discover more amazing secrets about our neighborhood!

A great thing about the town where we live is our access to cheap organic flowers. On rare occasions we gift ourselves with a beautiful view on our table. We also grow our own centerpieces.We were growing Wheat grass for Easter and happened to have a neighbor with a wheat grass juicer. Oh yes, even the kiddos got in on the green goodness of wheat grass juice!

Our mountain sunsets are amazing and we get a view of both from our backyard. I wish I could capture the color of them with my camera. Someday I will have a camera worthy of the pictures I wish to take!
It has been absolutely beautiful and unpredictable this spring. If you can't tell I am feeling truly lucky to have this and hope that you are vicariously experiencing it through me.


*Kara* said...

You are so lucky! Thanks for sharing!

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

what a nice table you set...i love tool, i love some artistic graffiti but do not like it in nature...i with you on that one...let's get you four over for dinner soon...

My new umberella!