Jun 29, 2009

Picture Blog

Our trip to the museum. We really have a lot going on and I have a hard time keeping up with it all. I have not been so great about taking pictures but fortunately still take enough to document outings such as this one. We went to the Denver Museum's Free Day and man what a day. This really was Teilee's trip. Teilee loves her dinosaurs and the last time we were here was when she was about two. Her dino knowledge rivals the experts and she was schooling mommy and daddy on what dino was what. If we were confused, she set us straight. Watching her experience the hall of dino fossils was incredible. She was at home. Literally, she sat down in the middle of the floor pulled out her notebook and began to draw what she saw. I am not sure how long this fascination with dinosaurs will last but one thing is sure, we will enjoy the ride.

Here Teilee and I get to hold a tarantula. So those who think I am still skittish around the arachnids can now rest assured that we have made our peace.

Teilee does a little animal dance..

Landis gathers moonrocks.

Teilee rocks the astronaut garb.

Teilee and Landis outside of the museum for a little picnic lunch.

Teilee holding a t-rex tooth.

Size comparison.

While it was extremely crowded we had a great day and fulfilled a long standing desire to take the kiddos to the museum. After the Museum we stopped and said goodbye to our friends that were moving to Amsterdam. Their daughter and Teilee are the same age and are just so great together. Some bonds are just so deep and effortless. They don't see each other often, and now will see each other even less, but Teilee always thinks of her as her best friend.


*Kara* said...

Wow! So much fun!

Eats Shoots and Leaves said...

Sort of like the far-flung Madson sisters still think of the far-flung Brunson sisters as their best friends!

kinetic said...

Second what Erin said. Wow-that trip to the museum looks like a fantastic time! Thanks for the pictures.

My new umberella!