Apr 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

I thought I would pass this along since it basically sums up Earth Day for me. My sis says it all with her blog about Earth Day!

Click on the link or just type this into your browser and happy reading!


This year we are going to spend the week cleaning the trash out of our greenbelt. We do this every walk we take but this time we are going to really get to the nitty gritty. This year I only managed to get a few friends and their kids involved (one even told his mom that this was the one thing he wanted to do for Earth Day), but next year I think I will try for the whole neighborhood. Then I want to pursue a neighborhood garden out there, if the city will let me. Anyways, Happy Earth Day!

(sing to the happy birthday song)

Happy Earth Day to you,
Happy Earth Day to you,
Happy Earth Day to everybody,
Happy Earth Day to you!


kansasoutback said...

My daughters and their families sure made MY Earth Day. I got to instruct some HS kids yesterday and was struck by the fact this was the 39th Earth Day. Another sobering moment was when I was telling these fairly uninterested students of my own experiences in picking up trash during the first earth day. I encouraged them to not litter and not be jerks with our environment. While it doesn't seem to be doing much good looking at all the trash everwhere, I'm reassured that my daughters carry on the thoughts and the desire to good things for Earth. I used to just talk about grandkids and such being dependent on it. Now, its just so real with real grandkids that will, indeed, depend on our actions. Thanks daughter Andi for keeping the passion alive.
Love, Dad

Andi said...

I would love to hear that memory or your first Earth Day again. I have another Earth Day memory of us (although I don't think it was even on earth day) riding in the back of the pickup truck. Cruising slowly and stopping to pick up trash on the country roads.

kansasoutback said...

My first earth day---all I really remember is picking up trash along the roadside just S of Hays. 1970. Several of us biology students gathered probably with assistance from Dr. Fleharty or Dr. Hulett, and did an incredibly simple thing, picked up trash. At least people are still picking up trash. I'm afraid we're losing the war though in seeing still so much crap out in the world. I did a little rant on "ballution" for the next KDWP mag. I'm on that case now. Don't ballute! :-)

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