Jun 20, 2010


Overwhelmed. I am always (always) working while mothering or mothering while working. I am managing the best I can but am feeling resentful that I can't do either/or. I would love to just homeschool and mother, or just work. Homeschooling, at home parent, part time secretary job, starting a business, creating two websites.....managing a home.....garden...... financial creativity........ managing.........creating.......working.....sigh. It would be lovely to vent, to try and write words that could touch on the immensity of my stress.
I deserve a vacation. A real vacation.

Instead.......I offer this.

I call it 'peace'. Though I can't jump on (fear of breaking the rope) I can exhilarate in her experience. When you are catching air, when you are swingin' the world vanishes and the experience is all that matters. Push...glide....splash.....land. Breathe.

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Heather said...

Beautiful photo and just think how much fun she is having. They wouldn't have this experience if it weren't for you so make sure and savor these moments (I know you do). Don't be too hard on yourself, and take one day at a time :O)

My new umberella!