Oct 20, 2010

Bartels Farm

For the last five years we have depended on the Bartels farm for our seasonal fix and fall pumpkin needs. We have gone when it has been hot, cold, rainy, and snowy. Every year it gets a little bigger and better and we always enjoy the best that a true farm has to offer. The pumpkins are actually in the field, still attached to prickly vines and often hidden by the other crops like milo and corn!! One year they had planted swan necked gourds in with the pumpkins and we had an all out treasure hunt to find the coveted squash. There is always much to do like the petting zoo and pumpkin launching. This was a great opportunity for us to unwind as a family from our busy lives. I took so many many great pictures but just wanted to share a few.

This year the petting zoo included Nick and Teilee (from the Emu's perspective).

Landis picked a pumpkin with a face already on it. The fields are large and we have found that if you take a wagon ride first you can spot the best locations for the best pumpkins.

I like mine a little leafy.

The farm is outside of town and the views are phenomenal.

Our lives have well.....continued to be pretty crazy. With a parent in school and working full time it has definitely changed our lives. And with me running our home business, working part time, fulfilling all kids school commitments, managing the home, and doing it alone almost every day of the week it will just continue to be challenging. I miss having friends, getting to plan and do things, and alone time (it has been about 2 months since I have had that) but I am finding a lot of joy in getting to experience my children and their new journeys in school. I don't believe that things will stop being crazy-busy for me for quite some time, but I have to say that I am finding the pleasure in the midst of the craze. I am learning to spot those moments of gratitude in between illnesses and schedules. I believe that there are some very specific things that we have to overcome as a family before life gets easier however, when it does we will be prepared to accept the gift because we have been practicing.

Nick captured this photo of me and I love it. It does not present an image, it is simply me. Quiet, thinking, tired, smiling. Oh.....and in a field of pumpkins.

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