Nov 11, 2010

The First Snow

The first Snow of the fall!!

Today I have an enormous amount of gratitude and appreciation.
The fall was a transition time for us. I was absorbed in the duties of Landis' preschool co-op and Teilee's school, while helping my children through the change of no longer homeschooling. The kids have had to adjust to not having daddy around as well. We are still insanely busy, life is just like that, but we are getting the hang of experienced moments of joy through the chaos.

The fall held out for us until this week and today is our first day of snow. I am so grateful that we were given the opportunity to wait until we had time to prepare our house, yard, children, etc.... for winter. We were able to finish the yard/garden/chicken work on Monday, gather and sort and buy what was needed for the kids winter gear on Tuesday, Wednesday gave us time to prepare the house inside, and then today...........we have snow!!!!

The kids woke me up today excitedly whispering, "Mommy, wake up wake up there's snow!" They were gallivanting through the house looking out every window and giggling with excitement. Oh.....I could have just stayed in bed the whole day listening to their joy!

The first snow means sledding, snow sculptures, shoveling, hot cocoa, and our yearly tradition on the first snow of the season is to make snow ice cream. We substitute the sugar with agave nectar or honey.

Winter weather is here and we are relishing in this moment of joy.

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