Feb 21, 2011

Full Snow Moon

I love The Spring Creek Children's Garden. Even in Feb. it is a beautiful place. In the summer kids swarm around the giant watering can fountain and play area. In the winter it is peaceful, quiet, serene, and still so so much fun. It is only a short bike ride away on our local trail system.

The kids had the run of the place and of course loved to play in the Dr. Seuss house, aka "the restaurant", where they served up french fries and pancakes. One of the best play opportunities this time of year are with seeds. Seeds for throwing in the creek, seeds for cooking with, seeds for gifting to the fairies. We made our seed pod offering to the fairy garden several times.

Besides spontaneous play, the garden offer classes and plant trading and now an outdoor kitchen for events. We came after Valentines Day and found these lovely hearts hanging from the trees.

The closet homeschooler inside me loves all the educational opportunities. Interactive sundials, information about plants and trees, the months of the year, and so so much more. This time of year it is hard to see the beauty in the sparsity, the brown and gray landscape that surrounds us. I have learned to love it. I love walking through brown and red fields of grasses. I love the anticipation of what is brewing under the earth. The end of winter, beginning of spring is a time of energetic waiting. Such exuberance can be found in the quiet solitude of this season.
The gardens is a grounding space and such a joy to experience. A shining example of how to embrace the seasons and the beauty of each.

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