Feb 11, 2011

On my dining room table

We have a ritual every night at diner. When it is diner time, I ring the bell and the kids come to the table (sometimes they help set it). We light a candle and sing a song. We have several in our repertoire.

Fairy Sprite,
Fairy Sprite,
Bring to us your golden light.
We can light a candle,
love can light a star,
both of them are wondrous shining where they are

On occasion we have burst into a number by the Black Eyed Peas:) During dinner we share the best and worst parts of our day and something we are grateful for. Lately I have asked for them to share a part of their day, rather than specifically best/worst parts. It just gives me an in to open up conversation and establish that this is what we do at dinner (not throw food, or bounce out of our chairs, or sing throughout diner, or get out of our chairs to breakdance, which has all happened).

This has become important to the kids each night especially since Nick works in the evenings. It keeps things consistent for them, and ties us together as a family. One early morning Daddy bumped the diner bell and from back in her bedroom Teilee shouted, "It's diner time."

Lately my table has been half filled with Valentines Day card making for the kids classes. 50 valentines please. I hate the waste and I refuse to buy the already made cards (although I completely get why). This year we are making bookmarks. Landis is stamping, drawing, punching, and writing his name on all of his. Teilee is custom making one for each of her classmates with their interest in minds. Wood colored paper and a soccer ball for one, a dragon for another. If I could have convinced her to simplify I would have, but as long as she gets them done she meets my requirements. I look forward to clearing the space but am enjoying the creativity that is coming forth.

Many beautiful things are created at our dining room table.

Happy Dragony Valentines Day!!

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