Sep 25, 2007


Been having computer issues, so I probably only have about 2 min. before my computer turns off. It is either a virus or just a freakin' old computer! New one coming soon, and I am so ready to blog. Lots happening: More throwing up in bed this morning, this time Teilee was also snuggling but fortunately missed the spray of Landis puke! I have to buy a bigger calendar I can't fit what I have to do in a week on the one I have. List are growing, growing, growing! I am sorry but that is all I have time for right now. I promise I will catch up soon. After reading all of my favorite blogs today I have been inspired!!!

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kinetic said...

I am SOOOOO pumped for more Andi updates--hurry the fruit up, New Computer. Tegan is on break-time at freezing cold "Secondary Teaching Methods" class and she needs blog love to warm her up!!

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