Sep 7, 2007

Now I feel better

So it's not a great poem, but I was just so dang angry and it had to go somewhere. Now I am feeling a lot more peace but sometimes in the moment a release is necessary.

Sept 06, 2007


We are deep in the trenches struggling for every essence of survival

YOU have been slipping,

We have been wondering about our food, our clothes, our home,

YOU have been slipping,

We are the generation of non-support

We are the children forgot,

We are the ones without help

And YOU have been slipping,

Never mind our need,

Forget our debts, forget how hard we work,

YOU are taking your steps to financial security.

YOU have been given everything we could only dream of

YOU have been so spoiled and accommodated

YOU have washed away your sins with pride

YOU have asserted your fantasy over our reality

YOU who have no clue over what it means to have nothing

And yet YOU are slipping

In your slide, in your descent, in your saving of yourself,

WE are drowning

But I suppose that is of no consequence as long as you keep your feet out of the damn water.

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