Sep 7, 2007


Did you see the rattlesnake? This is an adult short horned lizard (Phrynosoma hernandesi). These were a couple of the really cool creatures that we got to experience over Labor Day weekend. I swear I could catch lizards all day long everyday forever and never get tired of it. Many thanks to Danny for allowing me to experience this joy. Danny is doing some research on these little guys (and girls). I believe it is mostly on their hibernation patterns, but please Danny correct me if I am wrong. Last Sunday Dad and I joined in the pursuit of capture and release. We tracked a couple that already had transmitters on and caught many of the young ones then unfortunately had to call it a day. On Monday, Dad, Mom, Nick and both the kids and I went out to help/play. It was Landis' first experience with the horned lizards and he of course had no fear, just wanted to pinch their heads a little. The area where we were searching was shortgrass prairie and just beautiful! I have recently thought about trying to acquire land in that area rather than up in the mountains. I do so want to own a little piece of this earth to preserve and play and be present on. Although financially I think this will be many many many years down the road. Today I am just focusing on paying the bills in front of me. Back to the weekend, what an experience. Danny is so knowledgeable and I have learned a great deal. I thought I would share these pictures and a brief description of the fun that came with them. And now I am going to throw my tired bones into bed!

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