Mar 1, 2011

Cabin Trip

The kids couldn't contain their excitement. We arrived at around 11:00 am on Sunday morning and as Nick and I began to prepare lunch the kids ran around the cabin picking their beds and giving tours to each other. It was last minute, it was quickly researched, it was a short trip, it was heavenly. Middle of the week we happened to sell something and, realizing that we were going to have some insanely busy months ahead, we decided to seize the opportunity (and the extra Moohlah) to escape for some family bonding. Some "us" time. We picked a place in Red Feather that had a cabin available for one night. We called and asked for special last minute pricing. After arriving, and lunching, and relaxing, than we headed out for some fun.

We left warm spring air for winters cool blast. That day, like many others up there was incredibly windy. Beautiful but not the kind of day that you want to go play in the snow.

We had planned to take a sleigh ride and so while we waited Landis tried out some skis that dear friends had loaned to us.

Teilee made a happy little snow burrow to shield her face from the blowing wind/snow.

Our sleigh ride lasted for about 1.5 hours and had a mid stopping point where we had hot chocolate (mine was spiked), and cookies (brought our own GF one's of course).

On the way back the kids got to drive Dic and Doc. "Dic, Doc, step up", and off they went.
After a cold day out, a nice warm evening in (testing their muscle powers).
We had one major kink in our plans, we were sure that there was a kitchenette in the cabin, and upon arriving were informed that there was not. Nick had a full menu planned, with steak and steamed asparagus. Well, there is more than one way to steam asparagus. Fortunately the cabin did have a fridge, a microwave, and a few mugs. Steak was replaced with hot dogs, but otherwise the menu stayed just about the same. (Yes, Nick, your wife IS a genius)

That evening was family game night!!!!

The next morning Teilee made us the "Song Family". What a performance it was!
Before we hit the road Monday morning, around 10:00 am we took one family portrait. A very very very short trip, but a well deserved rest.
One of my favorite characters, that often appears when kids get restless in the car, is Goobleck. Goobleck was thoughtfully wrapped by the children so that he could stay warm for the ride home. Beware, Goobleck is ornery and pretty silly. (Yes, I will do ANYTHING to make my kids laugh.)

That was our cabin trip, wish it could have lasted longer, but there will be another someday.

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