Mar 21, 2011


My lovely sister Katelin plugged us into the movie "My Neighbor Totoro". A tale of two sisters whose bravery and curiosity allow them to discover three forest sprites they call Totoro. Totoro has been watched, during our failed 'no-tv month', many times and the kids love the adventures, magic, and wonder that unfolds at Totoro's fingers.
Snack one day became the three furry woodland sprites complete with an umbrella.
The kids happily slurped and giggled while devouring Totoro. I can't believe that we had not discovered Totoro before now.

We since have watched Ponyo by the same animator. Watching Ponyo became a bit eerie with all that is happening in Japan currently. It is about a fish-child who wants to become human for a boys love and her love of the boy. In doing so she unintentionally moves the moon closer and thus floods the world. The world created is beautiful, richly diverse, and spellbinding. The movie did allow for conversation to flow about the topic of the tsunami in Japan over the dinner table, and helped the children to understand the gravity of the situation without having all of the fear. These movies have held our wonderment and indulged our sense of creativity and exploration. I am so glad that Kati introduced us!

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